If you did’t know what to takie for your surf trip here we are with a little bit of HELP;)


As a surfer you are naturally drawn to just scoring epic waves and sometimes leave out the most important aspects of preparing for a surf trip.  The first and most important part is to decide on your destination.  Once you have planned your trip (obviously booking with Waterways Surf Adventures) you then must start thinking about what to bring along.  We have put together a list of some of the most essential items that need to be considered when traveling somewhere to score surf!  Keep in mind that items on this list may vary depending on the location and time of year you will be traveling to your destination.


The wild west of surfing, closer to Africa than Europe and with a bathymetry similar to Hawaii. The Canary Islands’ breaks are famed for being shallow, heavy and hollow over urchin covered reefs. However more relaxed beach breaks do exist. By the time open ocean swell reaches the islands the winds which produced them have long died away offering the possibility of clean, long period swells. Unfortunately the islands are also plagued by north-easterly trade winds which can easily blow out the dominant north-westerly swells. Surfing arrived relatively recently to this archipelago and only really took off the the 1990s. Despite having a reputation for localism it is possible to find quiet waves, especially if you explore a bit and show respect.


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