Natural Pools Canary Islands

A spectacular environment to dive into

Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic is always a pleasure but the experience turns into something unforgettable when you swim in one of the natural pools of the Canary Islands. The archipelago is particularly rich in these natural resources as well as in these types of pools, all of which are full of charm and are strikingly beautiful.

The natural pools are enclosed spaces into which, due to their natural formation, the sea water seeps without any human intervention apart from adding steps, walkways and diving points. This is why they are a must for all those visitors who, apart from having a refreshing dip, look for authentic and natural perfection.

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Bathing and relaxation spot in north Gran Canaria


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Calm, clear waters in Gran Canaria

There rustic pools don’t offer a full range of amenities but that is a fair trade-off for the tranquility you find in their calm Atlantic Ocean waters. They do have a large sunbathing area, handrails and easy access from the car park just a few minutes walk away. The water is so clear you can see every detail of the rocky bottom, making Roque Prieto a favourite for natural pool fans. Located by large areas of banana plantation, they worth a stop on any itinerary.

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